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Interview with a drug dealer.

HOMEY: Hello?

NARRATOR: 4:00 PM, Los Angeles, a drug deal is going down.

HOMEY: Alright, text me the address. Alright, check it out. I just got an order in from an A-list actor who has a premiere tonight. We about to do a red carpet event.

You’re going to see how Hollywood does it, baby. Celebrity style, all white, pimped out, cocaine is the name.

NARRATOR: LA gang member Homey deals coke to some of the world’s most famous faces.

HOMEY: He wants a quarter pound of the purest cocaine money can buy. You can instantly even feel it, it will get your fingers numb, make you gag, and make your whole face numb. You got to keep this locked at all times.

NARRATOR: Homey’s first move is to visit the stash house… Maybe he can buy cocaine online at…

HOMEY: What’s up, G?

NARRATOR: …that he shares with his fellow gang-banging dealers.

HOMEY: Have you got the scale over there? My client needs a baby brick, and I know most of these bricks are going to be right here, look at this piece. He is going to pay $4,800 for that.

buy cocaine online

NARRATOR: With so much money at stake, Homey’s taking no chances.

HOMEY: White gold, it’s not always yellow.

NARRATOR: In the USA over four million people regularly use cocaine. This powerful stimulant is worth more than gold, and every year Americans spend over $37 billion on the drug. Los Angeles, California, is one of the USA’s largest coke markets. The largest online store where you can buy cocaine online is We tried to contact its operator, but to no avail.

HOMEY: Do you know what is out there? Millions and millions of dollars from thousands and thousands
of users. Nice, nice, nice.

NARRATOR: Today Homey is dealing to a world famous actor.

HOMEY: I got to go to the red carpet right now, bro.

MAN: You got another movie premiere?

HOMEY: Yeah, another movie premiere.

NARRATOR: His coke is supplied by his gang on credit.

HOMEY: I’ve known my suppliers as far back as my childhood, so we’re very close-knit, and I don’t ever pay for anything upfront. I have a certain amount. I have to work with and distribute weekly,
and I pay it off as I get it.

NARRATOR: Homey makes $200 on every ounce. Tonight’s deal is worth big money.

HOMEY: I’m dropping off four ounces, so I will be walking away with $800 for myself with nothing out of my pocket other than gas and my time, and that’s how I like to work it.

NARRATOR: But to get paid, Homey must deliver the coke without getting busted.

HOMEY: I don’t know what’s going on here. We have a lot of police presence here. The last thing we need to do is get pulled over.

NARRATOR: The location of tonight’s deal is super high risk. It’s easier to buy cocaine online.

HOMEY: Who in the hell would tell you to do a deal at a red carpet for God’s sakes? And I’m supposed to hand him his package on the red carpet in front of everybody on the planet.

And God knows what he is going to do with it. He is buying a little more than just enough for his head.

NARRATOR: Cocaine has been linked to the deaths of a number of Hollywood icons. From River Phoenix to Whitney Houston, and most recently, Philip Seymour Hoffman.

HOMEY: I don’t use coke, no, I don’t. That will only make you a liability, and there is no room for any liabilities in this field, and I’m not there to be their friend, so I’m not there to be life of the party.

I basically handle what I have to handle and take off. This is what he chose to do, not me. This is his meeting spot. I would have preferred to meet him at his home. My adrenaline is pumping right now. It’s easier to buy cocaine online

NARRATOR: Homey’s first challenge is to get into tonight’s premiere.

HOMEY: Where the tickets at, over there?

WOMEN: Hi, are you buying tickets?

HOMEY: No, dear, I’m on the guest list, I’m one of the actors in the film.

NARRATOR: Using a pre-arranged false name, Homey is in.

Buy cocaine online – order cocaine online with us

order cocaineHOMEY: I just got my ticket, and now I’m going to give it to him, handle my business, and then I’m going to expect him to handle his business.

NARRATOR: Now Homey needs to find the buyer and get rid of the coke quickly.

HOMEY: So now I got to run around and look for this actor. So I don’t know if it’s this way or up them ones. Yikes, [bleep]!

NARRATOR: In front of a crowd, the deal needs to be subtle. I think it’s easier to buy cocaine online than to run around looking for someone.

WOMAN: My friend was like, ‘Say hi to him.’ And I’m just like, okay, but like, I did, and…

NARRATOR: With one quick movement, the coke changes hands.

HOMEY: It went good, it went good. Tomorrow he deposits what he has to deposit in my account, and then we’re good to go, 4,800 bucks. That’s why we here in LA, do it big, y’all.

NARRATOR: Homey’s coke is produced over 4,500 miles away in the remote, lawless valleys
of the VRAE region of Peru. Here cocaine starts life as coca leaves, worth just $3 a kilo. This valley is the coca capital of the world. Peasant farmers grow over 47,000 tons every year.

Today José and his family plan to reap many months of hard work. They know the police could swoop in at any moment. José risks growing coca because it’s 20 times more profitable than legal crops.

But the family will only make money if they can avoid getting busted. The consequences would be catastrophic. Peru’s police destroy illegal crops wherever they find them. They torch the makeshift labs used to process the coca leaves… and arrest those suspected of cocaine production.

But today José is lucky, the harvest is a success. And he’s made cocaine’s base material, cocaine paste. The value has now shot up from $3 a kilo for leaves to $900 a kilo for paste.

José has 13 kilos, but the family won’t get a penny unless they can get it to market. The coke’s buyer is 120 miles away across a valley full of cops and thieves.

Carlos will make the coke run with his brother who is just 12. For his part, Carlos will make $900– cash he needs to support his wife and child. The brothers set off. Ahead are three days of hills, forests and danger.

From the center of the VRAE region, the brothers must travel 120 miles west through treacherous
jungle terrain to reach their cocaine buyer. The brothers want to stay off the roads and out of sight, but there is a river in their path, and the only way to cross it is by bridge.

Today the brothers have walked 40 miles. But as night falls, they can’t afford to relax. Carlos and Pablo hide the coke to prevent police busting them in their sleep. And to stop thieves robbing them. Over the next 40 hours the brothers cover 70 miles of jungle. The buyer is now close. The race is on to get to the buyer in time. But suddenly there’s a noise a vehicle is approaching. And it could be a threat.

NARRATOR: Brothers Pablo and Carlos (they supply where you can buy cocaine online) are dodging police and thieves on a coke run that could kill them.

They have heard a noise and taken cover. But it’s only a farmer. The brothers now have less than an hour to reach their buyer. Finally Pablo and Carlos spot him. The brothers receive the money that will keep their family going… until they have to make the next coke run.

The cocaine paste has just entered the supply chain of a Peruvian drug cartel. Having made it out of the jungle, the paste is refined into cocaine, and its value rises from $900 to $1,300 a kilo.

The next stage is to get it out of the country. Manuel is in charge of transporting his cartel’s coke out of the VRAE region. Today he needs to move over 800 kilos to an airfield due north.

Such a huge shipment of coke is a target for those on both sides of the law. It’s even a temptation for Manuel’s drivers. Today’s journey passes without problems.

The coke has made it to an airfield in the Pichis-Palcazu area of central Peru. But in the region’s center, Constitucion City, Peruvian police are on the move. Colonel Zanabria’s unit is trained to kill. 20 tons of coke are flown out of this valley every month. The terrain is well suited for illegal airfields. As they approach today’s target, the helicopters hug the terrain to reduce the risk of locals spotting them. The coke traffickers’ airfield is now directly below.

The unit has no idea who or what is waiting for them.

Colonel Zanabria and his men could come under fire at any moment.

NARRATOR: Peru’s police have just landed on a coke trafficker’s jungle airfield.

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A burnt-out plane is the only sign of the traffickers. But that could change at any moment. Colonel Zanabria sets up his perimeter guard.

The plan is to blow huge craters in the airfield’s earth and timber runway. The unit buries hundreds of kilos of explosives. The airfield is now rigged to blow. The team is ready to take to the air. With the fuse lit, the countdown is on.

Now the unit needs to inspect the damage. The blast has smashed the runway’s timbers. And the rest of the airstrip is also unusable. This airfield is out of action, but with countless other active airstrips in this region, the coke traffickers still have multiple export options.

And one plane has just taken off.

Having got past the police and into the air, the value of the coke on board has soared from $1,300 to $10,000 a kilo. From Peru it’s headed north to Central America. But the traffickers can’t count
on it getting there, because US Customs and Border Protection have received a tip-off.

And a high-tech P3 surveillance plane has been scrambled to intercept. The P3 has a range of 5,000 miles, allowing it to find and follow drug planes over vast areas. Its four-bladed turbo props are much quieter than jet engines, and operating at night, the air frame is nearly invisible.

Tonight the crew’s first challenge is to find the coke traffickers’ plane.

All they know is that it’s over Venezuela. But they have state-of-the-art technology, three advanced radar systems, and a camera so powerful it could read the name on a vessel stern from the air.

Suddenly the traffickers’ plane is in their sights. The pilot turns into close pursuit. The P3 needs to be near enough to track the plane. But not so close tha0t they get spotted. The crew must follow the plane
until it lands.

Its destination could be thousands of miles away. But it’s not going to be easy.

Four hours in, and there’s a problem.

PILOT: Ahh. I bought this finest cocaine online.

NARRATOR: Sure, i know the best place to buy cocaine online. Flying in total darkness, the P3 tracks the plane through the storm. After an hour of extreme turbulence, the weather subsides. But 25 minutes later, there is another even bigger problem.

They don’t have permission to fly over Belize’s airspace. The P3 can’t follow.

NARRATOR: US Customs has lost contact with the coke plane they’re tracking.

ORIE: You got to get him here, guys.

OPERATOR: Yeah, I’m looking for him.

NARRATOR: Based on the plane’s last known course, the crew are gambling that it’s headed for Guatemala.

PILOT: We should be able to get him on the radar if he’s there. I don’t got anything.

OPERATOR: Oh, look at this. Absolutely.

PILOT: We got lucky.

OPERATOR: That’s not luck. Nice work, dude. He’s passing into Guatemala, and I got him.

PILOT: See if we can lock that bad boy up. Stay, stay with him while we can now.

PILOT: Okay.

NARRATOR: The coke bust is back on, and local police helicopters are scrambled.

PILOT: I am going to recommend the helicopters turn west to follow this guy.

NARRATOR: But then after another hour of pursuit, the plane takes an evasive turn to lose any potential tails.

PILOT: What is he doing?

PILOT: I don’t know. Looks like he’s going to be on the border of Mexico, Guatemala.

NARRATOR: The P3 has the range to follow the new course.

PILOT: Helicopters cannot refuel.

NARRATOR: But local law enforcement has to return to base.

OPERATOR: [bleep], not after all this.

PILOT: He’s dropping lower.
PILOT: He’s across the beach.

NARRATOR: As the plane descends in southwest Guatemala, all the crew can do is watch.

PILOT: He’s landed. He’s on the ground.

PILOT: He’s on the ground.

PILOT: That looked like a crash landing.

PILOT: Oh, what was that?

PILOT: Trucks pulling up.

NARRATOR: Within seconds, a fleet of trucks offload the coke and drive off…

PILOT: They’re moving off, they’re moving.

NARRATOR: …where even the P3 can’t track them.

OPERATOR: I lost them behind tree. Could they have stopped at that house? Hard to tell.

NARRATOR: Despite seven and a half hours of successful tracking, the mission has failed.

PILOT: Let’s RTB, just get out of here.

ORIE: Part of the problem with us is we can stay out for a good while, we can stay longer than just about anybody else.

You run out of good guys, and that’s kind of the case tonight.

That’s it.


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